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Thread: Green Haven Too Medicated Lotions (need some)

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    Green Haven Too Medicated Lotions (need some)

    I found this lotion at a dispensary a while ago and love it. Problem is I am running out and they don't have any more of the scent I want. It is their tropical one (can't remember the name). I also like the "Fighting Buddha". Does anyone know were I can find more? I have tried looking up information about the people that make it but am not finding anything useful.



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    I think I have the vendors number! I will look tomorrow when I get to the shop! You should check out bio-freeze I have on the shelf. Comes in lots of dif flavors !

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    hey boss whats the donation on those lotions??


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    Green Haven Too pain relief lotion bars

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Bunns View Post
    hey boss whats the donation on those lotions??

    I sell them with the owner
    Donation 20.00
    comes in over 30 scents they all do the same thing and they all smell divine
    works better for pain than any other product out there
    usable hair to toe
    spf to 60 but if you forget and get burned it takes away sunburns
    cures skin, coldsores
    poison ivy/oak
    bug repellent
    heals tattoos, cuts, scrapes, wounds
    and much more

    Call Jerry 360-713-4378
    tell em Alana sent ya

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    Hey X, it's pretty simple to make your own lotions. I made my first batch out of emu oil, RSO from bornon420 and vanilla essential oil. I use it on my left jaw/face. Emu oil is fairly expensive at $11 for 8 oz but well worth it.

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