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Thread: Jack Skellington Strain Report with Potency Test

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    Jack Skellington Strain Report with Potency Test

    Jack Skellington (Jack The Ripper x Killer Queen)

    What the breeder says:
    Twelve years ago Subcool ran Killer Queen and kept the Cindy Dominant female and I have looked for over a decade for the G-13 phenotype. Once they found this heavy resin producer they crossed it with their Jack the Ripper to combine the citris taste and create the ultimate resin producing plant. Extracts made from these resins appear almost white. Not for the occasional smoker!

    Hybrid ,F1,Black label,etc:

    Type of Lights Used for Germination: 4ft CFL tube

    Number of Lights Used in Veg: 1

    Type of Lights Used in Veg
    : 400W MH

    Number of Lights Used in Flower
    : 2

    Type of Lights Used in Flower:
    2000W HPS


    Avg Daytime Temp (F):

    Avg Nighttime Temp(F):

    Avg Daytime Humidity:

    Avg Nighttime Humidity:

    Finished Plant Height(ft.):

    Avg Dry Weight(Grams):

    Yield Rating
    : Mid-High Yield

    Germination rating
    : 100% Germination out of 5 seeds

    Germination Medium
    : Rapid Rooters

    Female ratio
    : 2:3

    : Roots Organic Potting Soil

    Indica/Sativa Ratio
    : 60/40

    : Main-Lined

    # Weeks Veg:
    5 weeks

    # Weeks Flower
    : 9 1/2 weeks


    : 3 weeks in 1 Gallon nursery pot to veg and take shape.

    : 3 Gallon grow bag

    # Weeks Flower
    : 9 1/2 weeks

    : Seed

    : TGA Rep

    # days Flush
    : 14


    Jack The Ripper

    Jacks Cleaner X Space Queen

    Killer Queen:

    Cindy 99 X G-13

    Curing Method
    : Pulled all big fan leafs and left all sugar leaf intact and hung upside down to dry for a week or so. Then manicured and stored in mason
    jars for curing.

    Nutrient Regime Information

    Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice (Lucas Method) – All the way though

    Advanced Nutrients Nirvana – Weeks 3 – 7

    Advanced Nutrients Senizyme – Every other watering

    Hybrix Molasses - Week 3-7

    Super Thrive – Every other watering

    Roots Organic Oregonism – Every transplant and throughout veg into the first 2 weeks of bloom.

    Pest/Disease Information

    Early in veg after putting the seeds into the roots soil I noticed some little suckle marks from trips, which I know was inside of my roots soil. It was

    treated with Spinosad which by Monterey Gardens. It is OMRI Listed for use in organic production.

    Comments on Medical Effectiveness/Symptoms Helped by usage:

    : Strong rotten pineapple funk with a slight lemon undertone. A very unique sweet

    and sour smell.

    Essential Info
    : G-13 Leaning pheno

    Grower Comments

    This Plant was very easy to grow and trim. I experienced minimal stretch and massive buds with this pheno. The resin stacked from the early weeks of flower all the way till the end. I would like to thank Dioxide for hooking me up with the seeds and to Jynxproof for introducing me to every! Thanks to all the nerds that followed along or dropped a comment!


    Test Results (tested by Analytical 360)

    Potency Profile

    • 0.17% CBG-A
    • < 0.01% CBG
    • 0.17% CBG-TOTAL
    • 15.69% ∆9-THC-A
    • 0.21% ∆9-THC
    • < 0.01% ∆8-THC
    • < 0.01% CBN
    • 15.90% THC-TOTAL
    • < 0.01% CBD-A
    • < 0.01% CBD
    • < 0.01% CBD-TOTAL
    • < 0.01% CBC

    Link to the test results -

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Yeah buddy! Those colas are FAT! I need to get a pack of those. Unless your willing to trade up on a cut, that is... :P Great work, Z.

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    Nice looking stuff right there, 2 thumbs up amigo.

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    Those are some real beauties. Plus, I really like the strain report.

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    Thanks for taking the time to post this up for all 2 see. She looks like a real winner man - great job! ;)

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    Very nicely done. Haven't tried Jack Skellington yet. I do have some Nurse Jackie (Jack the Ripper x Medicine Woman) going right now. But they are just little seedlings.

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    Looking fat man! Nurse Jackie, love that show!

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    Looks awesome....I've been wanting to try this and the Space Dawg! Good job

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    Thanks for all the love guys. I wanted to do a full report of this strain to give everyone a in depth first look. Plus I owe it to dioxide for throwing me the free beans.


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    Were you at the school of dank in Nov??

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    Yes I was but, I was givin the beans at the cup in Sep.


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    fuck yeah dude. good to see TGA is still putting out quality releases here and there. nice pheno

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    the killer queen in this cross is a winner

    Titan Genetics ~ We brought back the fire

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    This thread brakes my heart......I had traded for a clone of this with a buddy of mine at the black diamond farmers market....It was kinda sick looking when I got it but I thought for sure I would be able to bring her back but then she died on me..... I had never seen this cut and didnt know anything about it till that is some very good looking meds......I'm gonna have to try to find a healthy cut of this soon......

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    Princessmayhem.jpgI found a nice keeper of this strain I call Princess Mayhem. It will make your head spin first, then have you lost in thought before you pass out. Pure tangerine smell and taste with thick heavy smoke. Shes a light feeder and a medium yielder, that is easy to train. I took a chance on this unknown pack of seeds and scored some fire.... No Joke!Mayhem cured.jpg

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