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Thread: I need seeds

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    I need seeds

    i need seeds of dawg poo f2 and frog fart shipped to az and if your in az I have extra clones of dead head og / pineapple thai kush /purple garilla // bc bud depot indoor mix and nebula

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    this is a Washington MMJ/growers forum, we do not ship or sell seed, contact individuals in PM please, as to keep your business private ,

    if you are in AZ id go to cannazon, thcfarmer to get em, and frog farts have not been sold at all yet,nationally/internationally, just freebies for using Cannzon, and they are out

    but you are in luck, a restocking of CZ, THCfarmer and new stock at The Seed Depot is in the works

    also id look into the GBS breeders , as well as PNW breeders ares of the site lots of good info their
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    GBS-Whatcom County access point

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