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Thread: Koma's PM Buster youtube vid.

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    Koma's PM Buster youtube vid.

    I never have PM,but I read thru alot of threads about it just to keep informed.
    I saw Koma uploaded this and found it pretty darn interesting. He sounds convinced it works.
    The Video and everything written below is by Koma.

    Published on Apr 27, 2013I made this video in the hopes that growers will have a chance to put PM out of their gardens. Ive watched this method work on multiple different grow areas and now I give to you. Always remember, building that SAR is whats going to actually get the job done. IT TAKES TIME....but if you keep on the ''KoMAs PM Buster Program'' you will be fine!

    day1 ROOT DRENCH
    5gal RO water
    2tblSpoons Actinovate

    day2 FOLIAR
    1gal RO water
    1tblSpoon Actinovate
    3oz Saturator

    wait 3-4 days and repeat
    cycle continues for 2-3 weeks then introduce Harpin protiens

    KoMAs concepts........I can give you feeding charts, brew recipes, bean sauce mix, and so on and so on...but concepts are the TRUE key to you growing as a gardener. My concepts on PM are simple. It has invaded your grow space, it has no valid purpose. SO KILL IT. Obviously it was either trucked in on clones or plants , or its your room that's making it. If its not your garden , but you've received plants that are sick and now its out of control, then this will work by itself to fix the will take a while, but it will eventually disappear and you can go about your business. If its your garden and the lack of air control, weak lighting, cramped plants...then this is nothing more than a band aid on a bullet wound. You will need to fix your garden if you want it gone. Im always available on InstaGram-KOMAGROWS and FaceBook-KoMA Trichome...they are linked to my phone so its automatic! I hardly ever get on YOUTUBE so if you want to contact me, ive told you where to find the ZiLLA!

    I promise, if you have PM just run this method.......
    What the F Happened To NWGT ?

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    Nice vid although Actinovate should be enough by itself maybe add a few drops of soap

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    Saturator and soap are both wetting agents.

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    I used to watch this guy's vids but it started seeming like advertisements for products like Remo and advanced nutrients.

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