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Thread: How to Pass a Drug Test with SURE JELL / Jell-O

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    How to Pass a Drug Test with SURE JELL / Jell-O

    Whats up greenthumbers. I just recently had to take a drug test for a new job. I've never had to take a drug test before, this was my first time. I smoke daily and have for uncountable days now. At this particular place they do the drug testing on site and send it to the lab for the results. I did all sorts or research on how to pass a drug test and just found a TON of $40+ gimmicks that have very mixed reviews. I talked to a buddy of mine who has to pass drug tests to play college football in the NCAA and he told me about this trick the he and his teammates have used with success. Here is the method explained here:

    alright I learned this from an old hillbilly friend of mine that has to take drug

    test for his work and I'v personally tried this my self so no worries

    Ok theres this stuff called sure gel its used to make

    jellys and jams it gives them there texture the jelly feeling

    you buy a box of that its around 2$ from a grocery store its all the same

    amont when you buy it jello also works and taste take that and

    and mix it in a 20oz bottel with cold water and shake it real good

    Two hours before your test you drink the mix and then drink another 20oz

    bottel of sumthing it can be anything make sure you eat sumthing to and

    take 1 piss after you eat and then take the test your garented to pass even

    if you smoke the day befor the reason is is that it coats your stomach and

    when you piss its just a gel but its really piss it really works no joke i

    wouldent post it on here if it didnt

    read more at:

    My buddy uses Jell-O and he said it worked for him but to be safe I just went with the Sure Gel stuff. Jell-O is basically the same thing with kool-aid
    mixed in with it to give it flavor. I was skeptical about this method but I went with it anyway. I smoked on Sunday July 10th and took the test on
    Tuesday July 12th. I just got my call back form the job office today informing me I passed the Background check and they drug test and I have
    orientation on Monday! This method WORKS! Tested first hand by yours truly. I'm not really sure what the science is behind it but this dude here thinks
    he's got an idea:

    Hey whats up, my name's yossarian, and until recently I was a poster at BLTC on totse, until the whole mod bribery scandal erupted. So, until shit dies down, I'll be residing here.

    Ok like 3 years ago I read about using sure-jell to beat drug tests for THC, and figured it was worth a shot. And it worked, every single time I got tested. Now, some people have said, "It doesn't do shit, its the dilution." Dilution does help, but I was pretty sure that sure-jell DID affect drug tests, so I did some research. Here's a short summary of why it works.

    Sure jell is fruit pectin, which=fruit fiber. Fruit fiber is called a "soluble fiber", meaning it is extremely water soluble, and binds with fatty acids. THC is stored in lipids in your body, which is why it takes so fucking long to clear out of your system. Bile acids solubilize lipids, and are the primary transporters of them in your body. So... soluble fiber binds with these lipophilic acids (bile acids, fatty acids, ect), and quickly transports them through your digestive system to the colon, temporarily reducing the amount of THC containing lipids that will show up in your urine.

    So... to pass a drug test for THC, mix 1 box of sure jell with water 2-3 hours before the test, dilute, and piss a few times.


    Anyways, I thought some of you could find this useful. It's cheap, and it actually works! During the window that it is active it makes you urine turn as clear as water. It is recommended to either eat greasy food before hand or take some Vitamin B to replenish your urine with some color so they don't call it a mis test for your urine being too diluted with water.
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    Well first off congrats on the new job bro! I'm finally going back to work too, thank god!

    And thanks for the info. It's sure nice to have as many options to choose from.

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    Great read....Thanks!
    "99% of success ........ is just being there." -- Mark Twain
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    nice post! this is what im doing next time!

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    From what I'm reading via Googling, a high amount of gelatin remains in the urine...therefore, if the lab refrigerates your urine sample for later testing...

    ...just say'n....

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    Lmao! Pee jello!

    Weeds might like that recipee. Hahha

    (no disrespect to Weeds. To each her own. Lol. I like to smell my own farts. Weird?)

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    I used this method for years but it hasn't worked in a few years.....atleast for the UA's that are taken at a hospital.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yakima_greens View Post
    I used this method for years but it hasn't worked in a few years.....atleast for the UA's that are taken at a hospital.
    Sou you've personally failed when using this method? That's strange! Maybe you didn't do it right? Have you failed multiple times? I know that my UA was sent to PACLAB and I passed there. My buddy actually just got a new job today and they sent him to take a UA directly after the interview so he didn't know about it. I smoked with him last night. He called me up and asked me what to do so I gave him this method and he did it like an hour before his test. I'll report back on if he passed ot not.

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    Yes I have failed twice, BUT I used the blue package of Certo now the yellow so maybe that is the difference

    I used it for years on jobs, probation, heck even once when I got hurt on the job

    Failed a test at a hospital in Oregon and WA, not failed but came back diluted.

    Didn't want to discredit your post brohter, just sharing my experience. Good to hear that this worked for your buddy.....makes me curious to try it myself unfortunatly getting to old to be failing a script of marinol that been itching to try out...just gotta find the right job

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    ya man no this actually worked for me too! I smoked 2 days before the test and passed. My buddy who plays football in ncaa has passed with it. His teammates have passed with it. Ill report back if my other buddy passes or not. He had to take the test with 45 minutes notice directly after his initial interview so if he passes ill be amazed at how well this actually works.

    I have heard of them coming back diluted because it is wayyy to clear that's why they say to take some b vitamins return some yellowness to your urine

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    Make sure the beginning and end of your stream go into the toilet and not into the test cup, the middle will have the smallest amount of THC.

    I've passed with just a LOT of water, vitamins, and some mt. dew before with smoking everyday for months prior and even the night before.

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    Didn't work for me... Perhaps it was fate cuz I already have a job but yea.....failed strictly for thc none of the other stuff came up cuz it isn't bias like weed smoke which is harmless on so many levels yet last the longest... Anyone else agree there is something ironic about that???

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    Oh wow... thanks for bringing this thread back to life!!! I'll be looking for new work in the very near future, and this will definitely help some! Thanks Pat!

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    Pectin is the active ingredient that worked for drug tests.
    It doesnt work any more with DOC tests. I had to test weekly for a year...a few years ago. Im sure their testing methods are way advanced by now.

    Some of the things that used to work was power drinks...drinking loads of water so your pee is deluted...and Im sure others. But they have advanced testing protocal...its not as easy to pass anymore.

    I suggest using clean pee if you can get it in the sample cup without being seen....You can get clean pee from your kid or someone in the family Im sure.

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    I failed with sure jell. I tested positive for thc. I also failed with certo, synthetic urine, and even real dehydrated urine. I failed with the real dehydrated urine cause I took too long in the bathroom trying to cool my sample. The fucking hand warmer got it boiling hot. When I was on DOC I just abstained. The only guarantee to passing is abstinence. Your next best bet is clean pee or real dehydrated urine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Tricks View Post
    Lmao! Pee jello!

    Weeds might like that recipee. Hahha

    (no disrespect to Weeds. To each her own. Lol. I like to smell my own farts. Weird?)
    I'm actually not into jello but thanks for thinking of me. ;) I recently read that smelling farts helps cure cancer and other ailments. lol

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    For those that know when your test is, I just used Vales detox. You have to quit 2 days before which is a slight downside, but it did work. When I hear can you take a drug test, my reply is, yes,what drug do you want me to test? Usually ends the interview,but.....Good luck to all in testing circumstances.
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    I swear by mountain due, has always worked for me
    Ive never failed 1 pee test to this day
    Thank You For Your Time:

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